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As a Host Employer of a Transition staff member, you'll sign a formal Host Employer Agreement that spells out the legal responsibilities for you, Transition and your on-hire staff member.

As a Host Employer you'll be responsible for the following:

  • Creating a bullying-free, discrimination-free, and harassment-free workplace;
  • Give a thorough overview of the working environment;
  • Consistently supervise and assist;
  • Ascertain that the staff members work is related to his or her work role they were labour hired to perform;
  • Allow the staff member to gain knowledge and skills in their chosen trade by providing chances for him or her to learn new tasks and skills;
  • Participate in the staff members training development (when applicable);
  • Following our business terms and conditions, as per our Host Employer Agreement.



For more information about being a host employer read our Host Employer Pack


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