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When filling out your timesheet, double-check that all the information is right. To process timesheets, you must include your full name, client name, and job address, as well as dates, start and completion times, and your Site Supervisor's name and signature. If applicable, site allowances and Special conditions remarks should also be filled in.

It is your obligation to have the on-site supervisor sign off on your timesheets at the conclusion of each day. All hours worked will not be paid unless your supervisor signs off on your timesheets at the end of each week.

Timesheets should be as clear and legible as possible.

If you take a photo of your timesheet, make sure it's in decent light, that the shot is clear, and that ALL SECTIONS of the timesheet are visible (edge to edge)

To avoid being paid late, timesheets must be submitted by 10 a.m. on Mondays.

If these details are missing from your timesheet, it will not be accepted!


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